IBM Софтуер

IBM е водеща компания в разработката и създаването на върхови информационни технологии, включващи компютърни системи, софтуер, мрежови системи, дискови масиви, микроелектроника.

Ние от Перфект Плюс превръщаме тези върхови информационни технологии в конкурентни предимства за нашите клиенти, като се основаваме на професионалните си решения и услуги.

Lotus Domino&Notes е уникална платформа, която включва интегрирани в едно цяло документноориентирана база данни, уникална среда за разработка, приложен и интернет сървър, клиентска част и функционален административен интерфейс. Платформата е подсилена с богат набор от услуги, подобряващи комуникацията, сигурността на информацията и работата на служителите в компанията, а именно:

 IBM Lotus® Notes®

  • богат набор от функционалности
  • виртуален офис
  • безплатни приложения (OpenOffice) за работа с документи
  • електронна поща (разпознаване на електронен подпис)
  • частен ключ за достъп
  • календар (възможност за създаване на групови календари и разпределение на ресурси)
  • възлагане на задачи и мониторинг на тяхното изпълнение;
  • визитник
  • възможност за интеграция с други приложения за комуникация
  • възможност за създаване на приложения
  • възможност за локален достъп до сървърната информация
  • достъп до други системи и бази данни.

 IBM Lotus Domino® server

  • сървър за приложения
  • уеб сървър
  • удобен администраторски интерфейс
  • услуги „Includes directory“ (идентифицира хора, сървъри и групи от потребители)
  • възможност за репликиране на информация и приложения
  • достъп до информацията чрез Notes клиент или уеб браузър
  • криптирана връзка за комуникация между сървъра и клиента.


Други Продукти


IBM DB2® Version 9.1 for Linux®, UNIX® and Windows® is the industry's first hybrid data server that manages data from both relational and pure XML data. DB2 9 provides leading-edge XML technology, removing traditional boundaries of relational databases. One of the major new features in the DB2 9 release in 2006 is Native XML Support, named pureXML. Native XML support provides much richer XML functionality, greater flexibility, and higher performance than previous XML capabilities. In addition...

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Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus® Notes® is high-function, integrated desktop client software that set the standard for innovation in messaging and collaboration two decades ago. Lotus Notes client software is the premier of several client options for IBM Lotus Domino® server. Together, Lotus Notes and Domino deliver a reliable, security-rich messaging and collaborative environment that is designed to help companies increase employee productivity, facilitate decision making and improve overall business responsiveness …

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IBM Lotus Workflow

Custom workflow applications for consistent business processes

IBM® Lotus® Workflow is an application development tool that extends the workflow capabilities of IBM Domino® to automate repetitive tasks. This software is used to create and deploy customized workflow applications that manage and monitor your company’s business processes. Custom workflow applications result in fewer processing errors and more consistent work quality.

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IBM Xwork Server

Use XPages technology for mobile application development

IBM® XWork Server provides mobile application development tools that enable you to design, develop and deploy business applications for web browsers and mobile devices. It uses IBM Domino® technology with XPages for rapid mobile application development of business software with collaborative and social capabilities. IBM XWork Server requires no advanced programming knowledge and is well-suited to small and large companies.

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IBM Mobile Connect

VPN software for security-rich protection of enterprise data in transit

IBM® Mobile Connect provides a full-featured wireless virtual private network (VPN). This software employs end-to-end data encryption to deliver security-rich access to enterprise applications over wireless and wired networks. IBM Mobile Connect enables access to enterprise applications and data from virtually any location, while protecting an organization's sensitive information.

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Lotus Protector for Mail Security

Email security for social business

IBM® Lotus® Protector for Mail Security scans email messages and attached files for unwanted, confidential or malicious content, extending email security and compliance for your social business platform. It controls the email content that enters and leaves your company’s network to ensure a high level of email security and blocks spam and viruses. This software also provides integrated email content filtering for IBM Notes®, IBM Domino®, Microsoft Exchange and mixed email environments.

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IBM Sametime

Collaborate using instant messaging with integrated voice, data and video

IBM® Sametime® instant messaging products integrate real-time social communications into your business environment, providing a unified user experience through instant messaging, online meetings, voice, video and data. With just one click, you are instantly connected to the person behind the information, helping to meet the ongoing demands of everyday business.

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IBM Domino Designer

Build business and collaboration applications in an integrated development environment

IBM® Domino® Designer (formerly IBM Lotus® Domino Designer) is a highly productive integrated development environment (IDE) for applications that run on IBM Notes® and Domino. This IDE software enables the rapid development and deployment of scalable, security-rich collaborative and workflow business applications. Developers can integrate assets from multiple IT systems and provide application access through different clients and devices. IBM Domino Designer is available at no charge.

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IBM iNotes

Web-based email client access to IBM Notes mail, calendar and contacts

IBM® iNotes® (formerly IBM Lotus® iNotes) is a web-based email client for IBM Notes®. IBM iNotes provides browser access to IBM Notes email, calendar and contacts. This web-based email client includes social capabilities that provide easier access to expertise, information and business applications, leading to increased productivity and better business results.

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Lotus Expeditor

Deliver a composite application to managed clients

IBM® Lotus® Expeditor creates a composite application that runs on managed clients. It includes a standards-based toolkit to build a composite application from components of existing applications. It provides client integration tools to deploy and manage a composite application as part of a flexible, service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment.

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Lotus Connector for SAP Solutions

Improve business workflows with this application development tool

IBM® Lotus® Connector for SAP Solutions is an application development tool that lets you integrate IBM Domino® with SAP enterprise resource planning software. This server-based application development tool connects SAP enterprise data and applications with IBM Notes® or web-based IBM Domino applications to extend and create more efficient business workflows.

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IBM Notes Traveler

No charge, mobile email software for IBM Notes users

IBM Notes Traveler (formerly IBM Lotus Notes Traveler) is mobile email software that provides quick access to email, calendar and contacts from a wide range of mobile devices or tablets. This no charge mobile offering is available for IBM Notes and Domino® users. Enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce with this security-rich software.

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