IBM Domino Designer

IBM® Domino® Designer (formerly IBM Lotus® Domino Designer) is a highly productive integrated development environment (IDE) for applications that run on IBM Notes® and Domino. This IDE software enables the rapid development and deployment of scalable, security-rich collaborative and workflow business applications. Developers can integrate assets from multiple IT systems and provide application access through different clients and devices. IBM Domino Designer is available at no charge.

IBM Domino Designer is an integrated development environment that:

  • Helps you build compelling applications through integration of XPages technology, a design element that significantly enhances web application development.
  • Is built on the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an open and extensible framework that provides a highly productive and integrated development experience for multiple business applications.
  • Provides power tools for developers to build business-critical applications including customer relationship management, help desk/customer support, billing systems, supply chain tracking and project management.